US Based Company (Indianapolis, IN)

Hosting Platform

Our Hosting Platform

Our service isn’t the commodity server platform that most providers sell – it’s an all-inclusive hosting solution.


Advanced Server & Control Panel Software Stack

Our stack is the result of years of testing in the field. We use the following software on our standard hosting platform:

  • cPanel and WHM for server and website management.
  • Softaculous for one-click WordPress and other application installs.
  • JetBackup for automated offsite backups.
  • ConfigServer Security & Firewall for firewall, port scan tracking, resource monitoring and alerts and brute force protection.
  • ConfigServer Outgoing Spam Monitor for spam monitoring and notifications.
  • FreeBSD with ZFS filesystem for backups.

Enhanced Security & 24×7 Monitoring

We’ve spent years developing our standard server configuration and monitoring process, including:

  • Ping and HTTP monitoring on a 24×7 basis.
  • An advanced firewall and brute force protection ruleset to keep out bad actors while minimizing false positives.
  • Monitoring systems that in addition to basic uptime monitoring, watch for unauthorized activity, attempted breaches, suspicious outbound email patterns and more.
  • Per user and per process monitoring to allow our technicians to identify resource hogs and runaway scripts.
  • Regular manual spot checks of system load and individual service status.

Automated Geo-Redundant Backups

Backups are arguably the most important part of managing a server. When it comes to backups, you can never have enough. That’s why we go above and beyond. Our backup process includes:

  • A geo-redundant mirror of all backup servers.
  • Daily backups to an offsite server. Of these, we retain (at a minimum) 3 daily, 3 weekly and 3 monthly copies.
  • Additional snapshots of the offsite server. Of these, we retain (at a minimum) 1 daily, 1 weekly, 1 monthly, 1 quarterly and 1 yearly copy.

In addition, our backup solution allows us to restore a full or partial (database, email or files only) backup to the server with one click.

Note: This applies to shared and semi-dedicated servers only. For dedicated & VPS, ask us about setting up a custom solution.


Advanced Email Relay & Filtering Infrastructure

Handling email is often the most frustrating part of managing a server. With our hosting platform, you benefit from our mail handling infrastructure, including the following:

  • Integration with a third party outbound SMTP relay service. This service provides outbound spam filtering, IP reputation management and more.
  • On-server relay monitoring. Our systems notify us of suspicious mail activity, to prevent spam from even reaching our relay service in the first place.
  • Regular manual monitoring of email logs and deliverability spot checks to ensure smooth operation.

Note: This applies to shared and semi-dedicated servers only. For dedicated & VPS, ask us about setting up a custom solution.


Premium Hardware & Network

We’re not a budget provider and it shows. Our philosophy is that you get what you pay for. We only use the highest quality hardware, datacenters and network providers.

We use server grade CPUs like Intel Xeons, ECC RAM and enterprise grade SSDs. We never use desktop grade hardware in our servers to save money. Our servers are housed in Tier 3 & 4 facilities and our bandwidth is multi-homed for maximum speed and reliability.

These may sound like technical details, but the end result is the highest quality service for us and for our clients.


Hands On US Based Customer Service

We offer something that the large commodity hosting companies can’t – hands on support and service. No long hold times, tiered customer service departments or offshore support. When you call us, you get a real technician, located in the US.

In addition, we can assist with issues that most commodity hosts won’t, such as debugging your WordPress site, or helping you with PHP coding issues.

We go above and beyond, because we believe that our relationship with the customer is the most important part of our service.

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